You are in the purgatory... your soul is detached from your body, but it is still there. 
Your soul is running out of vital power and you need to find your body before your soul perishes for evermore.
You have a chance to find it by possessing other bodies, and absorbing their vital power, but this will destroy them on brief time, don't get distracted, control their bodies and survive. 
The bodies have different characteristics and difficulties: more speed, tunnel vision, try using them in your benefit. (But try them not to catch you possessing someone... or the things are going to be hard...).


-AWSD: Movement

-Left Click: Move soul between bodies.

-Hold down Space Bar: Charging Sonar to detect your body


*If you try to posses a body while it is looking at you, it will become angry and will follow you until you die.

*When starting the game, you need to possess the body in front of you.

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